A light creamy delicacy from West Bengal made with fresh home made paneer or chenna. I love Paneer in any form and love Sandesh, but do not get it where I live and always craved for it. So thaught why not make it myself, so called a friend and got the recipe, its really easy to make and tastes great too.

This is my contribution to the RCI Bengal event hosted by Sandeepa of Bong Mom's Cookbook.


3 g saffron (kesar)
1 litre whole milk
juice of 1 big lime
1 tbsp curds (yogurt)
1/4 cup icing sugar
3 tbsp sliced alomonds


  1. Roast saffron in a dry pan and pound to a fine powder.
  2. Dissolve in hot milk (2 tbsp) and keep aside.
  3. Heat milk in a pan over high heat, bring to a frothing boil, stirring continuously.
  4. Reduce heat, add curds, lime juice to make the milk curdle and the paneer to separate.If it does not, then add another tbsp of lemon juice.

  5. Pour the cheese mixture into a moist cheese cloth,gently twist the cloth to squeeze out excess water.
  6. Tip up the corners and hang for 20-23 minutes to allow excess water to drain.
  7. Unwrap the cheese on a clean work surface and crumble repeatedly till it becomes fluffy and even.
  8. About 3/4 cup of paneer or chenna will be made with 1 litre of milk.
  9. Blend in the icing sugar and knead till it becomes smooth and grainless.
  10. Transfer cheese sugar (chenna) mixture to a heavy bottomed pan, cook for 10-15 minutes until mixture becomes a little thickened and glossy.
  11. Divide the mixture into two portions.
  12. Mix in half the dissolved saffron into one portions till it is thoroughly mixed and turns yellow.
  13. Spread the yellow layer on a buttered tray to form a thick cake.
  14. Spread the white layer on top of the yellow layer.
  15. Pour the rest of the kesar mixture on top to give it a marble look.
  16. Sprinkle sliced almonds on top.
  17. Allow to cool and cut into 1.5" thick squares and serve at room temperature or slightly cooled.


Pooja said...

Wow ,
lovely entry for RCI. I dotn like sweets, just bengali sweets are all I am in love with . None other than that, thats why you can see there are not much sweet dishes on my blog too :)

Medhaa said...

Thank you Pooja,

I love sweets but never cooked them before. But now since mom is not around I have to, and its fun too.

Thank you for dropping by.

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