Mangalore Bajji also known as Goli Baje is a south Karnataka dish. I used to regularly have it Airlines Hotel in Bangalore, I would love to go there with mama and play in the swing and slide there and have Plain Dosa and the Mangalore Bajji's, they would not make it everyday and I would be so disappointed when they did not have them. Now blogging has made it so easy to get a recipe and make it on your own.
I used to do a google search for Mangalore Bajji and would not get the right recipe and searching for it I learnt that they are also called Goli Baje, and then I got the recipe. I followed Ramya of Mane Adige's recipe, it was delicious and tasted the same. We had it with some tea in the evening, the best part is it is so easy. I did not make too many changes to the recipe except I added about 1 tbsp coconut since in Airlines I remember them having coconut pieces. I actually forgot to add the baking soda in the first batch and they were hard. Then I added the soda and wola...

Thank you Ramya We loved them and am so glad I finally got the recipe for it.

Sireesha has passed on the Nice Matters Awards and easycraft have passed on the BLOGGER WITH A PURPOSE AWARD, thank you so much for the award.

I would like to pass these awards to

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Sashree also tagged me for a meme,

What are five things on my to-do list for today (non-work related)?
  1. Clean the kitchen
  2. Iron the Cloths
  3. Go to the library
  4. Check post, we do not get mail at home.
  5. Cook many thinks for my hubby since I am not at home whole of next week.

What are five snacks I enjoy?
  1. Muruku
  2. Mangalore Bajji
  3. Bhel Puri
  4. Chips
  5. Paneer Pakoda and many more

What things would I do if I were a billionaire?
Get confused what to do....

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Alka of Sindhi Rasoi
Swati Raman Garg of Chatkor
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Cham said...

Wow Goli Bajji, Came out so well Medha! Love ur tag ,congrats on ur awards and thank you girl! How is ur neck now?

Sujatha said...

Your Bajjis took delicious, Medha! Perfect snack for a tea time! Oh yeah, those coconut pieces in the bajjis add so much taste! Congrats on your awards!

notyet100 said...

looks soyummy,,,nice one,..congrtas for the awards,,

delhibelle said...

Even though I have never tried these before, I can know that these wud be so, so good!
Congrats on all the awards..hope your neck is better now

Sunshinemom said...

Garma garam bajjis look so tempting!

Swati Raman Garg said...

i like all bajjis n can try this too sometime... how is ur neck gurl .... and congrats on the award .. and can u see me all smiling coz i got those :)

Anonymous said...

Hey medha,
These reminded me of sanna pakora with the recipe like that,and made me think and drool about dal kachori with appearance like that(they look like dal ki kachori) crisp and fluffy !
And congratulations dear for awards....and can i thank u enough for always passing on them to me?NAHHHHH...there is no "Thankyou"genuine enough to express what i feel after getting all those awards from u!
And btw i guess i had once shared with u a conversation about "special dal" made by Sk..thats one post of dal recipe and one is ofcourse dal chaawal recipe post,the snap of which is on the header of my blog

Uma said...

mmm. delicious bajjis. congrats on the awards Medhaa! Nice meme too.

FH said...

Beautiful Mangaluru bajji, love it. Looks delicious M, enjoy and the weekend too!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi Medha,

I am so excited to know that even you are a fan of the Airlines hotel food. As a kid, I used to frequently visit that place and eat lots of dosas and the yummiest sambhar. I still remember the double-sided swing that used to move side ways! :-)
I didnt order Mangalore bhajji there , I didnt know about it then. However, I have eaten these in a friends house and remember loving them. Couldnt find the recipe for so long as I didnt know what its called :-)

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe and bringing back sweet memories!

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