Sindhi Curry reminds me of the lazy Sundays. For years we used to have Curry Chawara for lunch on Sundays. All the papa's would have Sunday off, the day would start with having idli dosa bought from outside in front of the TV seeing Mahabharat. All 13 members of the family would squeeze in the hall and have breakfast while watching Mahabharat. I loved that one hour. Then later all mama's will make curry chawara, took and chips for lunch. We don't make curry chawara every Sunday now but you will find Sindhis make it at least ones in 2 weeks.

Curry Chawara is also a function held during the wedding. We have to make Brahmins eat food which should not contain onions and garlic. Curry Chawara is the then made along with Waagan Aloo , Aloo Took, Mitha Boondhi (Sweet Boondhi), Curds and Phulka.

There are 2 kinds of Sindhi curry, one the main ingredient is Tomatoes and the second is Toar dal and Tomatoes. People add different vegetables to the curry, but the common ones are Guvar, Bhindi and Drumsticks. You can also add carrots and potatoes. I personally, do not add the Guvar since no one eats them at home and love carrots in the curry for the sweetness it adds. My veggie combo is Bhindi, Drumsticks and carrots.

Different households cook it differently. Traditionally the vegetables were cooked separately. Drumsticks and Guvar were boiled separately. Bhindi were deep fried, and then added to the curry. My personal feeling this way of cooking the curry does not get the flavours of the vegetable. I like the slow cooking process where the vegetables are boiled in the curry and let the flavours mix well. Mama always tells me the longer you keep cooking the curry on Low the better it will taste. Just remember to add the vegetable in order of cooking time. Drumstick take longer to cook so they are added first and then after 10 15 minutes bhindi is added. At the end all the vegetables will be cooked well. I have also heard that many people make this curry in the pressure Cooker, I have not tried this method.

The amount of tomato and spices can be changed according to taste. Below I have the basic method to make the curry. Besan is used as a thickening agent, add more or less depending on how thick you want the curry, but this is a thin soup like consistency.

Aloo Took is normally served along with Curry Chawara.

When Srivalli announced the Curry Mela, I knew I had to send this.

2 cups Tomato Puree ( Boil about 5 large tomatoes in water, blend them with a hand mixer or a blender, then pass it through a sieve to remove the skin) or use 2 cups Hunts Tomato Sauce or 1/3 cup Tomato Paste
2 tbsp besan (gram flour)
3 tbsp oil
1 tsp cumin seeds, Jeera
1 tsp mustard seeds, Rai
1/4 tsp methi seeds
a pinch of asefotida (hing)
salt to taste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp Sugar
1 tbsp curry leaves
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 tsp chopped mint
2 green chili, chopped
1 tsp chopped ginger
6 bhindi / Okra
1 Drumsticks ( Cut to the length of Okra)
100 gms guvara
¼ cup carrots, Potatoes, cut in wedges (Optional)
2 Kukum Flowers (Optional)


  1. In heavy bottom dish heat oil and fry cumin seeds,mustard seeds, asefotida (hing) and methi seeds.
  2. Then gradually add besan powder. Continuously stir the besan on medium heat till it is golden brown.
  3. Quickly add salt, ginger, green chili, curry leaves, red chili powder and turmeric to the mixture.
  4. Add 2 cups water.
  5. Add Tomato Puree or Tomato Paste and Kokum flowers.
  6. Stir everything together well. Bring to a boil.
  7. Add vegetables,Set the heat to low and let it slow boil for 20 minutes.
  8. Add sugar, mint and cilantro to the curry.
  9. Let it boil till vegetables are soft and cooked and the curry is of a soup consistency (not too thick).
  10. Remove from heat and serve with rice.

Note: You can change the amount of Tomato based on how Sour you want it and the combination of the vegetables are optional.

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Uma said...

Yummy tomato a completely different way! Thanks for the nice recipe Medhaa!

karuna said...

love sindhi curry. i have made it only once. will surely try ure version out

Cham said...

Sounds very different this curry :)

Laavanya said...

That looks delicious with the Aloo Took - must be a yummy combo. Nice to read about your Sunday tradition... :)

Anonymous said...

I belong to that"sum ppl" category who actually cook Kadhi in pressure cooker,i believe it makes the curry less thick( i believe may not be true)and i never had experimented with carrots.Guaar,bhindi,singhi and sum potatoes for fussy eaters is all that i add in kadhi.Though i love them with tuk patata,hubby refrains them coz,anything that DRINKS oil is not acceptable to him,so i serve kadhi chaawal with shallow fried potatoes ,and i add tamarind water for the tangy taste
So carrots,kokam ,mint ,cummin,sugar,hing.....hmm lots of changes to be made ,next time when i make curry chaawal
Thnks for sharing medha,and i wud love to see many many more sindhi recipes here,coz ur style of cooking is well too different from what i see here around me

Sangeeth said...

as uma said it is completely different yet yummy!thanks for sharing dear...luved the curry and a good entry too

sra said...

Medhaa, this is quite new to me. Thanks for the recipe.

Indian Khana said...

Hi Medhaa, first time dropping by here and wow what a recipe...quite different and looks so yum..

Shweta said...

Thanks a ton for the recipe. Sindhi kadhi always reminds me of summer vacations at my nanaji's place. We have a huge family and when all the kids got together lunch normally would be rajma-chawal, chole, pakode wali kadhi etc but Sindhi kadhi would always be a highlight. We all loved it so much! I come from a Punjabi family, but my masis made some killer sindhi kadhi. They added raw mangoes too. I have been thinking of making it for so long, the time seems right now! :)

Bharti said...

Lovely post Medhaa. You're right, I make this at least once in 2 weeks. Never tried the pressure cooker, I agree with ur mama. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes.

Srivalli said...

Medhaa, thanks for all your wonderful entires..I really enjoyed reading through all of them again!...

vidhas said...

Thank you Medhaa, for sharing. I was looking for sidhi kadhi for long time i will surely try. Happy Diwali

bee said...

i tried your palak paneer and it was great. thank you. i love all sindhi gravies and this one looks truly wonderful.

Sindhi Khaana said...

looks delicious .

you can check also sindhi kadhi .

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