I have been away from my blog for a long time and even though I completed this challenge on time I could not get to post it. Its taking me a while to get back to the swing of things. I am so very late in posting this.

I made a veggie version, just sauted some onions, carrot, beans, cabbage, capsicum and green onions with some garlic salt and pepper. I liked the pan fried version more than the steamed ones, though my husband liked the steamed ones better.

Thank you for this lovely challenge.

Click here for the recipe


Kalai said...

Awesome job, Medhaa! They look really great. :)

meeso said...

Yum, potstickers are a favorite of mine... They look awesome!

notyet100 said...

yumy platter,..

Matt said...

I always preferred pan-fried pot stickers, these look good. I'll have to try the recipe.

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