Pav Bhaji is loved by all at home, but the one problem I face is whenever I plan to make pav bhaji and get the pav, it gets over before the bhaji is made, does not matter how much I buy but DH cant resist them. So now I have learnt to hide them till the bhaji is ready, there were so many occasions we had to have the bhaji with bread or roti. With Pav bhaji the more the butter the tastier it is, so add as much or less butter as you prefer.

1.5 cup boiled and mashed potatoes
3/4 cup chopped vegetables (carrot, beans and peas), cut into very small cubes
1/4 cup chopped capsicum
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup tomato, chopped
1 green chili
1 tsp garlic
1.5 table spoon pav bhaji masala (or to taste)
3 tbsp butter
juice of 1 lime (or to taste)
salt to taste
1 packet Pav
lime wedges


  1. Steam the vegetables till tender.
  2. Mash the vegetables a little and mix along with the mashed potatoes. Keep aside.
  3. Grind the onions, garlic and green chilies to a paste.
  4. Grind the tomatoes to a paste and keep aside.
  5. Heat 1 tbsp butter.
  6. Add the onion paste and cook on medium till the raw smell goes.
  7. Add the capsicum and mix well.
  8. Add the Pav Bhaji Masala and cook till oil separates.
  9. Add the tomatoes and cook till the oil separates.
  10. Add 1 cup water, salt and the potato mix.
  11. Mix well and bring to a boil.
  12. Reduce heat cover and cook on sim for 15 minutes, mixing often. Add more water if needed.
  13. Toast the pav with butter.
  14. Garnish the bhaji with more butter.
  15. Serve the bhaji with toasted pav, onions and lime wedges.


meeso said...

Looks lovely, so delicious!

Sushma Mallya said...

looks delicious and my favorite street food...

Soma Pradhan said...

looks yummy....can hv it any time.looks lovely

notyet100 said...

thy look perfect

Parita said...

Mouth waterin Pav Bhaji:-)

Rohini said...

God I miss pav bhaji so much, and your pics are tempting me soooo much!! Looks so yummy!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments! You have a great space here! Will be back often :)

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