Soft Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti is what hubby and me would always order in restaurants, naan would be called for once in a way. He always called for kadak roti with no ghee, oil and butter and charred (he would send it back for more roasting if it was not done right) and me soft or at least what I call normal roti with my hubbies share of ghee and oil. After coming here we missed it and had to try it, Mom said it was easy and explained it to me. I tried it the next day and we loved it. It is so easy to make and you don't need a Tandoor, though it would be great to have one. Tandoor's are very hot and when roti are cooked in it, due to the high heat the outer shell cooks faster and gets crispy, while the inside remains soft and nice.

Here we use a regular Tawa and Stove to make it, I could not take pictures of the procedure but will do it next time I make these rotis and I have some one around to take them. I have an electric stove and used a grill that I kept on top of the burner and then kept the tawa on top. you can make it directly on top, but I wanted the grilled lines. This can be easily done on a barbecue and an oven but I have not tried these methods as of now.

Kadak Tandoori Roti

500 gms Wheat flour
125 gms Maida (all purpose flour)
2 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp curds
water for kneading
2 tbsp water
salt to taste

  1. Make a stiff dough using all the ingredients. It should be like a puri dough. Cover and keep aside for minimum 2 hours.
  2. Heat a tawa on high. ( I reduced to medium high after a while since the electric stove heats up a lot, if using gas you have to keep it on high)
  3. Make a golf sized ball of the dough.
  4. Roll it to a round of about 1/4 inch thickness.
  5. Using 1 pastry brush, brush some water on one side of the rolled dough.
  6. Place the watered side of the roti on the taw. It will stick to the tawa. Brush water on the other side now.
  7. Invert the Tawa now, such that the roti is now directly facing the burner/coil.
  8. Cook the roti this way till, the roti drops off on its on. (It will drop off when it is cooked completely). Use your judgement here and be careful not to burn the roti.
  9. Sometimes the roti drops off before being cooked completely, in that case just cook it on the tawa or directly on the grill till its done.
  10. Remove from heat, brush with some ghee and serve immediately.

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Maheswari said...

Love the roti..I have tasted kadak roti in a dhaba.About gingely oil, it is sesame oil only.This gives a nice aroma even after days of storing.I have never used olive oil for this recipe before.Try it and let me know.Thanks

Hima said...

Thanks the easiest method medhaa.. Rotis are looking awesome.

Anonymous said...

The rotis look really good..i like softer ones and seeing yours i wish i had it right here wih some sabji..Yummmm!

Priti said...

Thts a nice way of making tandoori roti and it's looking gud.

Jayashree said...

It does look nice and soft...

Jayashree said...

It does look nice and soft...

Cham said...

wow, the first is so soft :) never tasted the kadak roti but looks great too!

notyet100 said...

hey this looks nice,..luv tandoori rotis,.specially dhaba ones,..:-),.ur version looks good too,,

Bhawana said...

wow di aapne to maidan mar liya... too good. dhaba style tandoori roti is my all time favourite. will make soon for sure. good one.

Usha said...

This is my first visit to your blog,just found yours when I was blog hopping.You have a very nice one with great recipes.Loved this idea of making tandoori style rotis without the tandoor,will definitely try this sometime :)

Suma Rajesh said...

woo unique roties..looks soft and delicious..

bee said...

thanks for the great recipe and tips, dear medhaa.

Medhaa said...

Thank you so much everyone, hope you all try it and enjoy this as we did

shriya said...

It looks soft and pluffy. Yummy looking rotis.

Anonymous said...

Awesome recipe. Another recipe to try with my stove top tandoor!

Thank you so much.

farida said...

Yummy looking roti! Flatbreads are my favorites and this one looks like it could easily win my heart:)

Vicky said...

Hi Medha,

Thanks for sharing the method for making Tandoori Roti (on a tawa, that too.) I needed to explain what a Tandoori Roti looked like, and I came upon your blog.

I've linked this post here.

I'll visit again.
Thanks again and Cheers,

Leya said...

Tried this, and I can say that THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL RECIPE! I never thought making tandoori roti wud be so easy! The only glitch that i faced was that my roti wudnt fall off the tawa! The part facing the flame wud be cooked perfectly, but the part sticking to the pan needed more cooking. So, I just put the tawa back on the flame and cooked the underside. And voila, the rotis were perfect!Thank u for posting!

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